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About Us

Hi and Welcome to the World of Outlaw Paints.

Just a brief history on myself and the company.

Outlaw Paints was founded 2 years ago by Braden Sheedy and he decided to produce the finest ready to spray airbrush paints in Australia and be amongst the highest quality in the world. I can say that he has achieved that and much more. 

I decided to take over Braden's fine work because I to believe in being able to deliver only the finest quality in every single handmade bottle of OUTLAW PAINTS

A little about myself on a personal level,

I was introduced to the amazing world of modelling at the age of 6 and well, honesty is the best policy so that was a mere 49 years ago, I remember the day clearly, My father took me to the local newsagents .We went to the section that contained a enormous selection of Airfix kits, I believe there were 4 to choose from, But the first kit was a Mk1 Spitfire in a plastic bag and from that moment I was hooked. I went on to create an amazing looking abstract spitfire that had glue bomb written all over it, 

As life progressed I have had many hats including The RAN, I am the proud father of 11 children and One amazingly tolerant wife, But supportive in everyway.

I look forward to ensuring that I produce the greatest quality airbrush ready paints and keeping up the customer service that was entrusted to me by Braden.


Thanks and again welcome to the World of Outlaw Paints. 

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